Onboarding Guide


Install WordPress

Once you have signed up for your hosting plan you will receive an email with your client and control panel login details. You can follow our guide on installing WordPress to complete this step. Next, proceed to step 2.


Migrate Content

On your existing WordPress site install Migrate Guru for a quick way to migrate your content to your new hosting account. You will need to refer to your welcome email and our guide for some required information to complete this step. Once successfully migrated continue to step 3.


Update DNS

After you have successfully migrated your content you can update your domain nameservers. Once this step has been completed you will not have access to your content on your previous hosting account. This step can take anywhere from 1 – 48 hours. Once completed advance to step 4.


Install SSL

Once your domain DNS has updated successfully you will be able to install your free SSL certificate. You can check WhoIS to see if it has updated. If it has not you will get an error when trying to install the certificate. Don’t worry you can retry if it is not successful. Congrats you are now done.


Verify Migration

If you successfully installed the SSL you should have access to your website. Make sure that your content moved over correctly and is displaying correctly. If it is not you will need to change your DNS back to your old hosting account to access your site. Make an export or migration and start over skipping the SSL step.